Every fisherman dreams of a great catch.  Every cast, every retrieve holds the possibility of that magical moment when your rod bends into a tension-filled rainbow.  That rainbow can only mean one thing – there’s a keeper on the other end.  Your line thrums like a bow string as you carefully work that trophy into your sweaty hands.  You snatch him up and place him safely in your keeping and then you stop to admire his signature etched into the rough skin of your thumb.  It’s been a good day on the water and you’ll have to do this again soon.

Rainbow Rod and Reel is a family-owned, fisherman-operated fishing gear repair shop.  My Dad, Steve, began by working on his own reels, and then helping a few friends.  Before long this little endeavor developed into a small business that he ran out of his home in Tipp City, Ohio.  Dad is first and foremost a husband, father, and grandfather.  The next title on the list, though, would be fisherman.  He has fished countless tournaments as well as many notable lakes in the US and Canada.  To say that fishing is a passion for him would be seriously understating his dedication to and love for this sport.  Believe me, he knows the joys of a great day on the water and the frustration of a bad one.

Throughout Dad’s career (spanning more than 30 years), he has worked with complex machinery of all sizes in a variety of fields.  He understands the importance of precision, accuracy, quality parts, and the proper tools.  He has logged many hours helping me build and repair models, trains, science projects, rockets, cars, my house, and more while teaching me a fanatical commitment to excellence in everything I do.  We want you to know how great that excellence feels every time you cast your rod or reel in a big one.

So contact us today and see how we can help you love what you do and catch more fish.

Good Luck Out There,

Greg Dungan